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For girls who are just as into the hot dudes and the face punching

This is a Photo Post

Posted By K on Jan 24, 2013 at 11:20AM
This is a Photo Post
I have a hard time deciding who's the prettiest.

Dress your UFC Guy

Posted By K on Jan 24, 2013 at 11:19AM

If I could dress Uriah Faber...

Who are your Favorite UFC fighters?

Posted By K on Jan 24, 2013 at 11:16AM

Come on, who's your favorite? 

This is a text post

Posted By poptest2 on Jan 24, 2013 at 11:00AM

'I couldn't help it,' said Five, in a sulky tone; 'Seven jogged my  elbow.' On which Seven looked up and said, 'That's right, Five! Always lay the  blame on others!' 'YOU'D better not talk!' said Five. 'I heard the Queen say only  yesterday you deserved to be beheaded!' 'What for?' said the one who had spoken first. 'That's none of YOUR business, Two!' said Seven. 'Yes, it IS his business!' said Five, 'and I'll tell him—it was for  bringing the cook tulip-roots instead of onions.' Seven flung down his brush, and had just begun GSP'Well, of all the unjust  things—' when his eye chanced to fall upon Alice, as she stood watching  them, and he checked himself suddenly: the others looked round also, and  all of them bowed low. 'Would you tell me,' said Alice, a little timidly, 'why you are painting  those roses?' Five and Seven said nothing, but looked at Two. Two began in a low  voice, 'Why the fact is, you see, Miss, this here ought to have been a  RED rose-tree, and we put a white one in by mistake; and if the Queen  was to find it out, we should all have our heads cut off, you know.  So you see, Miss, we're doing our best, afore she comes, to—' At this  moment Five, who had been anxiously looking across the garden, called  out 'The Queen! The Queen!' and the three gardeners instantly threw  themselves flat upon their faces. There was a sound of many footsteps,  and Alice looked round, eager to see the Queen. First came ten soldiers carrying clubs; these were all shaped like  the three gardeners, oblong and flat, with their hands and feet at the  corners: next the ten courtiers; these were ornamented all over with  diamonds, and walked two and two, as the soldiers did. After these came  the royal children; there were ten of them, and the little dears came  jumping merrily along hand in hand, in couples: they were all ornamented  with hearts. Next came the guests, mostly Kings and Queens, and among  them Alice recognised the White Rabbit: it was talking in a hurried  nervous manner, smiling at everything that was said, and went by without  noticing her. Then followed the Knave of Hearts, carrying the King's  crown on a crimson velvet cushion; and, last of all this grand  procession, came THE KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS. Alice was rather doubtful whether she ought not to lie down on her face  like the three gardeners, but she could not remember ever having heard  of such a rule at processions; 'and besides, what would be the use of  a procession,' thought she, 'if people had all to lie down upon their  faces, so that they couldn't see it?' So she stood still where she was,  and waited. When the procession came opposite to Alice, they all stopped and looked  at her, and the Queen said severely 'Who is this?' She said it to

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